Jinlu Zhang (张金禄)

I am a third-year Master student in State Key Laboratory at Wuhan University, China. And I am supervised by Prof. Zhigang Tu and Prof. Junsong Yuan. Before that, I received B.Eng from Shandong University in 2020, with the honours degree and outstanding student award.

My current research interests are 3D virtual human, motion capture, and 3D vision.

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Recent News

2022/10, Support the DEKR codebase in MMPose with Peng Lu.
2022/06, One paper has been accepted by ACM MM 2022.
2022/04, I join the Tencent as a research intern, working with Wei Zhuo.
2022/03, One paper has been accepted by CVPR 2022.


MixSTE: Seq2seq Mixed Spatio-Temporal Encoder for 3D Human Pose Estimation in Video
Jinlu Zhang , Zhigang Tu , Jianyu Yang , Yujin Chen , Junsong Yuan
CVPR 2022
Paper / Video / Code / Bitex

We propose MixSTE (Mixed Spatio-Temporal Encoder), which has a temporal transformer to separately model the temporal motion of each joint and a spatial transformer to learn inter-joint spatial correlation.

Uncertainty-Aware 3D Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Video
Jinlu Zhang , Yujin Chen , Zhigang Tu
ACM MM 2022

We propose an uncertainty-aware method to quantify and optimize the depth and 2D detection input respectively.


Research Intern at Tencent, working with Wei Zhuo. Jan, 2022 - Now
Cooperation Project of WHU & Tencent in real-time super-resolution. Dec, 2021 - May, 2022
Research Intern at Huawei. Jul, 2019 - Oct, 2019


Reviewer of CVPR, ICCV, Visual Computing.
I share the talk of our CVPR 2022 paper on VALSE Webinar. [Link] May, 2022


National Scholarship of Wuhan University Oct, 2022
1st Runner-up in ICCV2021 MMVRAC Challenge Track 2&3. [Link] Sep, 2021
Top 10 first-year graduate students scholarship of WHU LIESMARS. Nov, 2020


Wuhan University Master of Computer Applied Technology
State Key Laboratory at Wuhan University, China.
Advisor: Prof. Zhigang Tu and Prof. Junsong Yuan
Sep, 2020 - Now
Expected to graduate on Jun, 2023.
Shandong University Bachelor Degree of Computer Science and Technology
Computer Science, Shandong University, China.
Sep, 2016 - Jun, 2020
Honours degree

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